no more !

The end of!   :(

There is no longer any service that provides you with free accurate site statistics.
With tears in my eyes I have to let you know about this BAD NEWS. Some of you might understand and might get over it, some of you might shout at me...
The fact is, that all of your data has gone, all your statistics are lost somewhere far away in nirvana.
Even though "shit happens" is no excuse for all this, still shit happened and I cannot do anything against it!

So, what happened?!

I was running on a 2x60GB mirrored RAID 1. Still, this didn't help. I had a corrupted filesystem on 2nd of December. One of my harddisks broke down and I was lucky that only that it was only one that was affected. All was running fine again for almost another week. Then, on black Monday morning, 9th of December 2002, the real run of bad luck started...
Monday morning had to suffer a DOS-attack and was down for almost 24hrs. was not affected by this outage, as its nameservers are located on another spot. In the afternoon, the whole ext3 filesystem went crazy and crashed the whole server. (WARNING: I definitely do NOT recommend anybody running kernel 2.4.20 with ext3 filesystem on a server with high load! - for further information, please read the KernelTrap story. - Besides, I was NOT running ext3 in "data=journal" mode!)
This time the whole filesystem broke down. Both harddisks on my RAID were affected and I was not able to boot anymore from those disks. Even though I was able to recover a couple of things, I had to start setting up the whole system from scratch. I had a 3rd harddisk with some backup data on it, but as data grew that fast over the last couple of months, I was not able to make any backups of all this.
To make a long story short: All of your data has gone! was near to its 2000th user anniversary. At the end, had exactly 1980 satisfied customers.
This makes me feel bad...

When will be back?

Not right now!
It doesn't really make sense to run a service for over 2 years, then loose 2000 customers from one day to the other and then go on with the whole thing the following day, as if nothing had happened... I'm sure, lots of you would be glad to keep on going to use my service. But I will not start it again during the next half a year.
Currently I'm still studying hard and got way too little time for all this hassle. Also, I'm working hard for the next generation of PowerPhlogger, PPhlogger3. Check our development site for further information.
PPhlogger3 is expected for late summer 2003. Then, I will be able to provide you with even a whole much better service than the one I've been providing up to now. It's a good moment to give me a break, right?!

There are hundereds of people around the world, who run PowerPhlogger and accept public useraccounts. I'm sure you'll find someone else, who is able to host your counter for the moment. If a lot of people desire it, I'm going to open up a list of links to other PPhlogger services.

Take care.
Thanks for enjoying!
And thanks for understanding!

Philip Iezzi <endof_AT_freelogger_DOT_com>


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